Cheer for the Delhi Daredevils this season!

Cheer for the Delhi Daredevils this season!

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Delhi, your team is up for the ultimate glory this IPL season. Cheer them from the sidelines – or from the comfort of your home!

It’s fast, it’s furious, it’s so much fun! The newest edition of the IPL T20 Cricket is here, and it promise to be a super extravaganza of pulsating action.

It is the height of summer, and temperatures are rising everywhere, but for cricket buffs like you there is only the promise of a really cool game between your side, Delhi Daredevils and the rest of the IPL teams. Delhi Daredevils have always put up a decent showing at the IPL tourneys, and this year too, you’re going to be there all the way as your home team makes its way up the points table to cover itself with glory.

The ultimate prize may have eluded Delhi thus far, but there’s no denying that your home team has always played hard at the tourney. After all, giving it your best shot is the name of the Gentleman’s Game. You watch and play the game not just to win the trophy but also to enthuse about the game’s undying spirit.

You may have tickets to watch the Delhi Daredevils play at the IPL this year, but if stepping out to watch the game in the stadium is too much in this heat, then you had best enjoy the matches from home. Just get Airtel DTH to enjoy the IPL this year.

Why get Airtel DTH?

You can enjoy the IPL on the Airtel DTH because of so many benefits to you:

* Enjoy uninterrupted matches and behind-the-scenes commentary and colour on your TV, courtesy the crystal clear transmission and excellent sound output of Airtel DTH. You will feel like you are in the thick of the action with tremendous picture quality, where every drop of sweat on the players’ face is visible and every blade of grass appears cool and green as if it is in front of your eyes.

* You can enjoy the IPL on Airtel DTH also in time for all the important matches of the season – if you don’t already have the Airtel DTH connection, just order it online or on the myAirtel app. The company suggests the best monthly pack for you and a technician arrives the next day to install the connection. The installation is quick and simple, and the technician shows you how to use the remote control and the set top box. You can start using the connection right away and keep abreast of all the IPL action.

* Airtel DTH has an HD set top box as part of the installation package. This makes it compatible with your flat screen TV, Smart TV, etc. No other equipment is needed to make the connection compatible with your TV set. You are charged a one-time activation fee as part of box price – just pay the fee and Rs Rs 477 per month for a base pack of 335 channels (70 HD channels free are included).

* You will enjoy the IPL on an Airtel DTH connection even more because the monthly packs are extremely reasonably priced. The starting pack only costs Rs 292. You also have the option of modifying the pack to remove sports channels and include others of your choice after the IPL season concludes. The DTH Infinity Pack costs just Rs 5,801 for a year, and it includes the best HD and SD channels.

* Airtel DTH offers the easiest recharge options. You can recharge the pack from anywhere in the world, using the myAirtel app or Airtel website.

* You can avail of regular cash back offers and discounts at the time of recharging the monthly pack. There is also the option of modifying the pack at the recharge stage.

* Best of all, none of the IPL matches will ever be interrupted due to strong winds or a change in weather outside. Airtel DTH offers constant, uninterrupted transmission without time lag.

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