Download Flash animation videos easily in your PC with Movavi Screen Recorder

Download Flash animation videos easily in your PC with Movavi Screen Recorder

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The web world is bustling with cool Flash animation videos. From video hosting sites to social media- there are various avenues to explore the fun Flash videos. But then, you will need internet connection to catch these videos. Now, what if you need to show them to someone without wasting the internet? It could be that you have a team of designers working for you and you want them to check a state of the art Flash video to catch the latest trends- but without wasting bandwidth. Well, in that case, the smartest route is to download Flash videos from website with the help of Movavi Screen Recording program. It’s an advanced online video recording program which can download and save videos from online world into your system so that you can check them even when you are offline.

The post below offers easy instructions on how to download the desired Flash videos with the Movavi software.

Download & install

The first task is to download & install Movavi Screen Recorder in your computer.

Set recording area

Next, you will have to draw capture frame over the video area where you want to record. You can even choose the recording frame from the readymade presets available on Capture Area section.

Record the Flash video

Click on REC tab & start playing the Flash video. This way, the Movavi program gets the command to download your Flash video. If you want to stop for a while, click on Pause and click on the same button again to resume.

Movavi Screen Recorder allows Windows & Mac users to control the recording process with hotkeys

Windows users-

  • F9- pause/resume
  • F10- stop capturing

Mac users-

  • ⌥⌘ 1 – pause/resume
  • ⌥⌘ 2- stop capturing

Save your video

Click on Save to save the downloaded Flash video. You can now catch the Flash video anytime, anywhere without the use of internet.

Features of Movavi Screen Recorder:

  • Able to capture any kind of video on desktop from online world
  • Able to capture video with audio
  • Able to convert video in any format with lightning-fast speed
  • Saves recordings without loss of quality

Useful tip for users

  • After the recording is over, click on Stop to end the download process. The recording will be saved in MKV format by default. In case, you want to change the format of the video, click on Save As. It will open up a box with a list of format presets. Choose a one that match your preferences and click on Save to convert & save the video in your preferred format.

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