Here’s making you an offer you can’t refuse

Here’s making you an offer you can’t refuse

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Airtel broadband has the choicest pick of plans and allied services. Once you choose Airtel, you will never go back to another service provider.

It is hard to imagine life without the intervention of the Internet today. In fact, you would be considered something of an anomaly if you had an old handset without an Internet-enabled SIM, no email ID, no Internet on your computer, etc. Whether one likes it or not, the Internet is a huge presence in our daily lives today. From smartphones to TV sets, the Internet is everywhere – and it’s awesome!

It must be admitted that the Internet makes it possible to instantly connect with the world. Whether you wish to bank or catch up on the news, chat with your friends or book movie tickets, you can do it immediately when you are digitally connected. But you need a good Internet connection first! You could be one of the several millions who suffer at the hands of poor network quality, even worse customer service and infuriatingly expensive monthly broadband packs. It appears that every time you want to finish an urgent work task or stream a movie, many minutes are spent in establishing a connection.

Fed up of using a substandard broadband connection that offers very little value to your life? Switch to Airtel broadband to experience what a superior broadband connection can do.

The very best of broadband, courtesy Airtel

Whether you surf the Internet for work or pleasure, high data speeds and always-on connectivity are prerequisites. You get these two factors and so much more with Airtel broadband. Check out current Airtel broadband offers and plans in the illustration below:

  • The very first benefit, as you will notice from the illustration above, is that Airtel broadband offers high speeds of minimum 40 Mbps and which can go up to 100 Mbps. This is owing to the superior V-fibernet technology that Airtel employs in its broadband connection. These lightning fast speeds can be used for work, downloading heavy files or presentations, gaming, streaming movies, watching live sporting encounters, etc. There is very little time required for both uploads and downloads, and no need to wait for videos to buffer.
  • If you buy a new Airtel broadband connection now, you get bonus 1,000 GB data. Other broadband offers include getting a free Airtel TV subscription, and chance to upgrade to V-fibernet on your existing connection.
  • You can add your existing Airtel postpaid and DTH connection to the broadband account and get additional myHome rewards. This is a great broadband offer, wherein you get 10 GB broadband data every month for each Airtel postpaid and digital TV connection. You also get 5 GB mobile data every month for one Airtel postpaid connection in the house.
  • Airtel broadband offers data rollover of unused data every month.
  • Airtel broadband has cost-effective plans.
  • You can easily place an order for your new Airtel broadband connection on the Airtel website or myAirtel app. The company contacts you within four hours and explains the various plans and benefits. A technician then visits your home to check the feasibility of the connection, survey the premises, and decide how to install the connection.
  • You can set up an Airtel Wi-Fi hotspot and connect up to 10 digital devices to the same connection at the same time.
  • You can pay your monthly bill on the Airtel website or the myAirtel app. At this point, you can avail of any existing broadband offers or even modify the existing plan as required.

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