Insights on Talking Robots

Insights on Talking Robots

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Talking robots have become very common now, because of the advancement in technology that has been taking over around the world. For businesses, competition is as high as ever and so every kind of business owner is doing everything they possibly can in order to remain relevant and up to date with all the modern technology, and chat bots just happen to be one of the many ways to do it.

When a person hears about a talking robot, the first thing that comes to mind is probably a machine that can hold human like conversations. While this is not entirely true of what a talking robot is, it is not completely wrong either. There is a possibility that in future, we will have robots that can hold full human like conversations, without anyone realizing it is a robot unless it happens to disclose that fact. But in the meantime, there are only a limited number of robots that can talk, and they can hardly carry out a normal conversation.

Artificial intelligent chatbots

The most common example of  an artificial intelligent chatbot is Google’s personal assistant. Anyone who uses the internet knows about it, as well as some other chat bots that have been automated into machines like the ATM. They are created for purposes of assistance, because they seem to be able to attend to humans in the cases where customer service is not available or accessible. Take the internet for instance, there are no workers to talk to over the internet, because there wouldn’t be enough workers to suit the needs of everyone who needs some voice assistance.

With chatbots however, as many people as possible can be attended to whenever they need, without having to hold or anything like that. This is just one of the main advantages of automation. Everything runs more faster and efficiently and this makes chatbots that much more convenient. And even though talking robots are a little different from chatbots, they work in the same exact way. In fact, they are also programmed the same way too.

Why there should be more talking robots

While talking robots do exist, they are not as adequate as they should be, unlike the palletizing robot. When one thinks about the potential that could be realized from robots that talk, the need to have more will gradually increase. And not just some more chatbots that are programmed to say what they say, or reply to certain words, but the more diverse ones that can talk about almost anything. Even though it seems a little bit far fetched, robots that can hold a good non robot like conversation are not impossible to create. Scientists will just have to spend time creating algorithms that will allow them to not just reply, but also to be able to pick up on social cues, since communication is more than just speaking.

The impact of talking robots on businesses

Any business man can attest to the fact that money is made when there are minimal costs and high outputs. Therefore, for as much profit as possible, there needs to be alot of hard work and discipline on the part of humans. This is however not always possible because humans can get sick or tired, they could get emergencies and have to leave, they can even quit.

Lucky enough for the entrepreneurs, robots can withstand all the shenanigans that face humans. Talking robots will drastically change things, because it would mean that they can properly interact with humans, unlike a palletizing robot which is just meant for industrial work.


Humans like to have a sense of connection, even with inanimate objects. So when a robot that is supposed to work with you or give you service is able to talk to you on a personal level and not like a it has been programmed, it feels better and a little bit more comforting in general. Perhaps when robots are made with conversational abilities, they will get a better reception from the humans.

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