The Biggest Benefits Of Using PDF Files In Business

The Biggest Benefits Of Using PDF Files In Business

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PDF files have been around for a long time. They appeared at the start of the nineties and are still popular today. As time passed, PDF ended up being a format that is widely-used and recognized. It is really hard to find a device that cannot read them these days.

Using PDF files in business is something that seems to be second nature but there are still some business owners that do not realize why this is the case. With this in mind, let’s look at the biggest benefits of using PDF files in business.

Maintaining Document Formatting

When you share documents created in Microsoft Word or the other processors you end up with different formatting, based on computer and program version. When formatting is lost, confusion can appear. The document can end up looking really bad. PDF does not have such a problem. Even when you use a PDF Joiner like Movavi PDF Editor you can combine different PDF documents into one and still end up with a main one that is perfectly formatted. After you save the PDF file, the way you see it is how it will remain.

Worldwide Adoption

Due to the fact that the file format is so good, it was adopted everywhere. You can easily view it and share it with practically anyone. If you do not know what technology the receiver uses, sending PDF is a sure bet that the document will be opened without a problem.

Smaller Size

Generally speaking, TIFF files are seen as being better than PDF files but the huge advantage of PDF is the really high compression offered. Files end up being compressed to file sizes that are relatively small. You can save hard drive space and make online transfer much faster.

Password Protection

For any business out there security is vital. PDF files offer the possibility of using a password. If the viewer does not know the password, the document cannot be seen or modified, based on initial choice of the creator. This makes the PDF file format perfect for information exchange among businesses or inside businesses, between departments.

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