Tips on choosing a WordPress theme for your new website

Tips on choosing a WordPress theme for your new website

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It is fair for anyone new to WordPress to get overwhelmed by the number of themes offered. To be honest, with so much variety, it is actually hard to pick the theme that is a perfect fit for your website.  Of course, you might be looking forward to creating the best website design but before you get into that, you must first define your own needs. Your theme will be the face of your website so you have to pick it wisely.

Don’t worry, have a look at the steps below to choose the right WordPress theme for your site:

Define your needs

Like mentioned above, the first thing you must do is define your needs. Here are some questions to get started with:

  • What type of website do I want?
  • What’s its purpose?
  • Should my website include a blog?
  • Do I need customization? If so, then what options are important for me?
  • The answers to these questions will make the decision much simpler for you.

List down the features that you will want in your website in future

Yes, you shouldn’t just focus on your current needs, but also the features needs.  After all, you will expand features of your website as your business grows and if those features are hard to incorporate, that can be a bummer. With the WordPress feature filter, you can customize your search for free WordPress theme on the basis of the features you want. Once you have the design of your website in mind, it will be easier for you to make a selection.

Go for a responsive theme

The WordPress theme that you choose must have a responsive design. This means it should be compatible with mobile devices too. Let’s suppose you pick a theme that is going well with the design you are looking forward to create but it is not responsive. Don’t worry, you can customize it and make it responsive on your own.

Check the supported plugins

The real power of WordPress is its plugins. With these plugins, you can do anything with your website. That’s why it is important for your theme to support the popular plugins such as Yoast SEO, Gravity forms, Total Cache and more.

SEO friendly

Your WordPress theme has got to be SEO friendly. Even good looking themes can have a poorly generated HTML code and this could seriously affect the performance of your website on search engines.

As a beginner, it will be difficult for you to analyze the source code of the theme on your own. It is recommended to ask your developer to help you in picking out a theme that is optimized for SEO.

Colour counts too

Always remember that colours increase brand recognition so the theme of your website should match the color scheme of your logo. It is recommended to stick to neutral. A great thing about WordPress is that you can alter the colour scheme. Make sure you don’t pick harsh colours for your theme since colours play a huge role in affecting someone’s mood.

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