Tips to Improve the User Experience of Online Forms on Business Websites

Tips to Improve the User Experience of Online Forms on Business Websites

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Most people don’t really like filling out forms due to the fact that they are time-consuming, can be complicated, and request personal information. While there is no getting around some of that, improving the user experience can help.

For business websites in particular it is important that you optimize the user experience of your online forms as it will affect your bottom line. To do that there are a few useful tips that you should try:

  • Reduce the number of fields

Always limit your online forms to only fields that are essential. The fewer fields there are in your form the less complicated and time consuming it will be to fill out – which will directly improve the user experience.

  • Use single-column layouts

Single-column layouts are better for forms and tend to be completed much faster than average. People tend to naturally read from top to bottom, and are more likely to stay focused on the form if it is in a single column – allowing them to complete it much faster.

  • Place labels above the field

While subject to some debate, Google’s approach of placing labels above fields is normally the best option. It will clearly label the field, and will be easier to handle in responsive designs that cater to mobile devices.

Another recent alternative is to place labels within the field (i.e. as placeholder text) – but the downside is that it will disappear as people start to enter data.

  • Adjust the field length based on the expected answer

One way to make business forms more intuitive is to use the field length to hint at the answer. A longer field will hint that it expects a lengthy answer, while a shorter one indicates fewer characters are required.

  • Group related fields together

For longer forms in particular, it is important that you sort your fields and place related fields in groups. That will make it easier and less confusing to fill out the form, and will create a natural progression.

It is important that you customize all of your business forms to provide a better user experience. If you can’t handle the code for that, there are alternatives that you could use such as AidaForm that will let you easily create a contact us form, survey, poll, or any other type of form your business requires.

Try to use as many of these tips as possible when you next create any online form for your business website. After you publish it you should be able to see firsthand what a big impact they can have, and how much of a difference the user experience makes in encouraging more responses to your form.

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