Trends in Web Design that Will Continue in 2018

Trends in Web Design that Will Continue in 2018

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Web designs change constantly. The behaviour of Internet users usually affects these changes. Web designs that are more suitable for a wide group of people will most likely end up becoming the trend. It is important that web design contributes to improving the overall popularity of a business. Here are some trends in 2017 that will most likely continue in the years to come.

Conversational interface

The ability of companies to reach out to their customers is essential. Web designs were made in such a way that it is easier for people to contact the company and also create online conversations with fellow customers. In fact, messaging platforms like Messenger and WeChat have become really popular, and several companies have integrated them into their web design. Even other forms of social media are starting to catch up because they need to make sure that people remain interactive and they remain in the conversation.

Animations and GIFs

Animations have become really popular since they bring dull images to life. Even GIFs have become a huge deal even if in some cases, they make no sense. People are amused by seeing these animations and companies have tried to utilise their popularity. The key is to make use of these animations to lighten the situation and provide a richer experience. Overusing them could have negative effects.

Minimalistic design

This became a trend in 2017 and it was a huge hit. A lot of websites now have a minimalistic design. They are easy to use, and people don’t have a hard time navigating through the tabs. Searching for specific information has also become easier. Besides, pages that have tons of images, videos and sounds are too heavy and take time to load.

Fewer stock photos

Before, it was easy to create web designs involving stock photos. The designers simply copied and pasted these photos on the website. However, people are now more interested in authenticity. They would prefer actual photos being used in websites. Photography itself is an art and it has become way more important than ever before. Seeing authentic photos makes people feel more engaged. They can relate to the company even more.

These are just some of the trends in 2017 that really worked. Several companies have seen the effect of using these tips in designing a website. Top web designers have also integrated these changes and have been praised for their work. Check out specialists in web design Bristol offers if you are creating a new website. Using these trends is easy if you have an expert by your side who understands the trends and how to use them the right way.


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